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About – Tecnogas


The Italian appliances brand with strong design and iconic details.

How a stroke of genius became a love affair

60 years ago, in a small workshop by the Po river banks in Italy, two brilliant brothers let flow their genius on the waves of passion. Even though they were only in their twenties, the Contini brothers gave shape to their dream: the creation of a revolutionary appliance to cook, integrating the hob and the gas bottle compartment in one single piece, named Mobilfornello. This innovation was the very first device that was a piece of furniture at the same time: the modern cooker. The perfect example of design and functionality harmoniously expressed in a unique appliance: this is our favourite business card. Based on a true story, integrated with burning passion and shimmering technology.


Emilia Romagna is the Italian quintessence for three reasons. First, its cuisine is celebrated as the best and consequently, Emilia-Romagna is the centre of the national food business.

Following our founders legacy, we still design eye-catching appliances perfect for cooking, and still handcraft them in Gualtieri, in the centre of Emilia-Romagna region.

All Tecnogas cookers are proudly designed and handcrafted in Italy by Tecno.

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